Costs - Adults & Young People
Please note all fees are relative to Practice membership costs, this is why they can vary from area to area.

Adult (June 2024)  for regular sessions.
Cheltenham - £63
Oxford - £65
Wantage - £58

Young Person - usually sitting around £58 (as above) for regular sessions.
Areas of focus, but not limited to -
•Abuse and or neglect; historical or current
•Abandonment, estrangement
•ADHD & Neurodiversity
•Anxiety, worry
•Bereavement, death, grief, loss
. Cancer
•Depression, sadness
•Fight, flight, fear – often related to early attachment figures such as family members or teachers, perhaps more broadly, to authority figures
•Feeling separate to ones body
•Feeling numb; often characterised by a lack of emotional response
. Food and Eating; bulimia, anorexia, restrictive eating patterns
. Identity, Sexuality, Kink
•Mind, body disconnect
•Obsessive compulsive behaviours
. Self-Harm
•The body; Medically unexplained symptoms
•The body; IBS, joint pain, loss of movement, migraine
•Worries centred around self-image, presentation, the body

Costs - Execs
Fees usually sitting (June 24) around £95 each for regular sessions.
Bursary - Reduced Fees
I maintain one bursary supported space at a significant reduction to recognise those either on benefits or very low income.
Bursary - Reduced Fees Addressing the ethnicity imbalance.

In addition, I maintain one more bursary supported space to encourage those from an ethnic minority and who are on a low income, to access therapy.

Please note individuals from these groups currently account for around only 3% of those seeking therapeutic help, with around 95-97% of therapeutic patients being white, middle-class professionals.

Is Michelle Devaux Davey Counselling accepting new clients?
I am currently accepting a limited number of new clients (June 24).

Please note that I have only one unallocated space.
This is in Oxford (Summertown) at 2.30pm on Fridays with parking located nearby.

This page is updated on a monthly cycle, so please keep checking if either of these do not feel right for you at this time.