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Welcome to my therapy practices in Cheltenham, Oxford and Wantage.
I'm an accredited Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counsellor registered with
  • The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) 
  • The British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC).
I am an enthusiastic practitioner, finding joy in my work and am pleased to be able to extend warmth and expertise to fellow humans from a multitude of backgrounds, each of whom seek support for a wide-range of concerns.

No two humans are the same so know that I work uniquely in a way that is tailored to your needs against the backdrop of your history.

We will work collaboratively...safely...with kindness...

I have extensive experience of working with
  • Adult Individuals
  • Young people (including at The Brit School)
  • Business professionals, providing valuable insight into business development and mentoring.

My areas of focus include but are not limited to; collaborating with individuals to reshape patterns of behaviour and thinking, exploring the profound impact of early life experiences on personal development, the unique stressors of the performing arts, and very importantly, trauma...

Additionally, I specialise in supporting business professionals and individuals alike during moments of feeling 'stuck,' helping you to recognise and address relational patterns rooted in personal history.

Of additional interest  -
  • helping individuals achieve work-life balance
  • helping employers redress the balance - breaks matter, chatter and natter matters!
  • the complexities of youth in the 21st century in conjunction with the overall impacts of ageing in the 21st century; client age-range currently 12 years to 82 years...
Costs - Adults & Young People
Please note all fees are relative to Practice membership costs, this is why they can vary from area to area.

Adult (June 2024)  for regular sessions.
Cheltenham - £63
Oxford - £65
Wantage - £58

Young Person - usually sitting around £58 (as above) for regular sessions.
Areas of focus, but not limited to -
•Abuse and or neglect; historical or current
•Abandonment, estrangement
•ADHD & Neurodiversity
•Anxiety, worry
•Bereavement, death, grief, loss
. Cancer
•Depression, sadness
•Fight, flight, fear – often related to early attachment figures such as family members or teachers, perhaps more broadly, to authority figures
•Feeling separate to ones body
•Feeling numb; often characterised by a lack of emotional response
. Food and Eating; bulimia, anorexia, restrictive eating patterns
. Identity, Sexuality, Kink
•Mind, body disconnect
•Obsessive compulsive behaviours
. Self-Harm
•The body; Medically unexplained symptoms
•The body; IBS, joint pain, loss of movement, migraine
•Worries centred around self-image, presentation, the body

Costs - Execs
Fees usually sitting (June 24) around £95 each for regular sessions.
Bursary - Reduced Fees
I maintain one bursary supported space at a significant reduction to recognise those either on benefits or very low income.
Bursary - Reduced Fees Addressing the ethnicity imbalance.

In addition, I maintain one more bursary supported space to encourage those from an ethnic minority and who are on a low income, to access therapy.

Please note individuals from these groups currently account for around only 3% of those seeking therapeutic help, with around 95-97% of therapeutic patients being white, middle-class professionals.

Is Michelle Devaux Davey Counselling accepting new clients?
I am currently accepting a limited number of new clients (June 24).

Please note that I have only one unallocated space.
This is in Oxford (Summertown) at 2.30pm on Fridays with parking located nearby.

This page is updated on a monthly cycle, so please keep checking if either of these do not feel right for you at this time.

How to begin -

Personal therapy is available 
Weekdays, early morning until evening,
Face-to-face and on Zoom
Cheltenham, Oxford and Wantage.

The Process
1. If you want to know more; we can meet for an informal free 20 minute telephone call / Zoom if preferred

2. Following the outcome of this is a 50 minute Assessment Consultation which is fee paying and explores your personal history, your needs and your expectations

3. The next stage can be offered as regular weekly -
  • Short-term focused counselling of 6 -16 sessions
  • Open-ended, long-term psychotherapy
  • Supportive therapy offered on an open-ended but two weekly basis
Please note that sessions are diarised for the same time, same place and same day of the week; very occasionally a flexible approach can be adopted to accommodate work travel and special situations. 
  • Private Practices in Cheltenham, Oxford and Wantage.
  • Therapy in person, or by Zoom: UK - Worldwide